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Laura & Matt - Maternity

It's always an absolute pleasure to reconnect with people that I grew up with. Laura and I went to the same primary and secondary school and our parents were good friends so we actually knew each other fairly well at one point. As with life we then probably didn't speak for ten or more years but were casually re-acquainted through Facebook.

Fast forward to 2017 and me having the privilege of photographing Laura, her husband and her first ever baby bump. Right away Laura and Matt told me they were looking for totally natural images and nothing too posey. This is always my most favourite thing to hear because it allows me to really just observe and to have free, creative reign.

I so enjoyed my time with Laura, drinking tea, catching up and making memories - whilst also plotting how I could steal her gorgeous dressing gown without her noticing.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet Baby Knight in just a few weeks time.

Beth Anne

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