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All the pretty things....

I've fallen in love. The kind of exciting love that gives you butterflies in your stomach.

Today I received my second order from my new album suppliers and I'm totally and utterly smitten. It's never easy switching from something you feel safe and secure with to something new but this year is all about change and I feel this particular company embodies my style perfectly.

I've never really been that big on albums if I'm honest. I've always felt that if a couple want one then great, let's make one but now that I have found something I am happy with I just want to design more and more.

There is something so special about seeing your own work in print, especially when the quality is so on point. And to celebrate my new relationship with QT albums I will be offering a 25% discount on all albums for a limited time only. Get in touch and get excited.

Beth Anne xx

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