Kula Tsurdiu - An Affair of the Heart

Towards the back end of last year, I happened (purely by chance in the first instance) to pretty much land my dream job - photographing beautiful couture bridal gowns!!

I was tagged on Facebook in a post advertising for a local photographer. Thankfully I had seen it right away and having taken one look at the designer on google I knew I just had to get the job. I was asked to submit a few examples of my work and then I kinda just sat around waiting for the phone to ring (playing hard to get is not my forte.) But guess what..... it did ring and so began a wonderful journey, a friendship and a combustion of creative minds.

We shot Kula's latest collection "The Lydia Collection" on location at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. It was the most stunning backdrop and I instantly felt excited and inspired by my surroundings. Our model, (also named) Lydia, was the personification of an English Rose, one of those people who isn't just downright beautiful but a kind and gentle spirit also - I know, not fair right? Laura, the manager of the Kula Tsurdiu store, and I, batted around a few ideas and we were very pleased to find that we were basically on the same page and so with that, we got to work.

Kula's dresses are quite easily, the most stunning garments I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her boutique and studio are set in an old lace factory in the heart of Nottingham's historic lace market and therefore it is no surprise that lace plays a big part in her designs. If I didn't mention it in my bio, I should've, I LOVE lace. I'm a little bit crazy about it so I seriously was in my absolute element. I'd be totally lying if I said that I hadn't thought about a) getting married again so I could wear one of these dresses, or b) just buying one and wearing it as a special occasion dress lol. They really are breathtaking and like no other bridal gowns I have seen before. I would definitely tell all my friends who are getting married that they needed to book an appointment to experience them for themselves.

I can't take all the credit for how amazing these images turned out to be. The dresses and Lydia were so incredibly easy to work with. The location and light were simply perfect for what we wanted to achieve. It's so refreshing to be involved in a fashion shoot that doesn't involve a studio and lighting set ups. I choose to only shoot

with natural light and as the day went on I loved that our backdrops had ever so subtle changes to them and slightly different moods. Our aim was to create an idea of romance and femininity with a dreamy, ethereal feel to it. Lydia and Laura were more than happy to go along with all of my ideas and we had quite a few moments where we all just gasped at the images on the back of my trusty Nikon. All of it just felt right.

Everything about the shoot was undeniably beautiful, the dresses, the location, the model. I'm sure it was every photographer's dream and I don't think I have ever been more satisfied or excited with/about my work. To see these images on Kula's promotional materials is like seeing your work hanging in a famous gallery. I am majorly #fangirling and so so excited at the possibility of us all working together again in the near future - watch this space.

To see more of Kula's designs or to set up an appointment to try on her dresses please visit kulatsurdiu.co.uk

Beth Anne xx

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