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Why have an engagement portrait shoot?

Beth Anne Takes Photos Engagement Portrait

I often get asked by couples whether they need to have an Engagement Portrait shoot? The answer of course is "No....." You don't need to do anything but here is a brief outline of why doing so is a good idea.....

1. It allows us to spend some time together one on one......

On your Wedding Day the only actual "alone time" you get is when you're having your couple portraits done. Obviously you aren't completely alone seeing as I would be there too but it's the only time you aren't actually socialising with your guests. It's important that we feel comfortable with each other, that you like me, that we get on and that you are happy with the way that I shoot and the amount of direction I give. It sounds so silly to say that you need to like me but you really do..... which leads perfectly in to my next point.

2. I will most likely be with you for the majority of your day.....

There seriously can be nothing worse than hiring someone to capture your wedding photography and then finding out on the day that they are annoying or that you don't like the way they shoot, because at that point you're kinda stuck with them. An engagement shoot allows you to spend an hour or so with me in an environment as close to your Wedding Day as can be. If during an engagement shoot you decide we don't gel or you aren't happy with the way I shoot or the work I produce then you are still able to do something about it. On your Wedding Day it is far too late. Not that I think you won't love me of course, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

3. You get to practise in front of the camera....

The majority of couples I work with say that either one of them or both hates having their photograph taken and is uncomfortable posing/being in front of a camera. Seriously, you are not alone in this. An engagement shoot is effectively a practise for you so that the Wedding Day is not the first time you have been photographed/given basic instructions. It allows you to see that it can be a fairly non invasive and non scary experience and hopefully calm your nerves before the big day.

4. It gives you a beautiful image (hopefully) for save the dates/invites/guestbook etc.

A lot of couples are now using their engagement shoot portraits as either a part of their stationery or as a keepsake that can be signed by guests at the wedding. Some even have slideshows of their images playing during their reception. There is a lot of scope to be creative here and having professional, high resolution images is pretty handy for this type of endeavour.

Plus it's just a good excuse to have some lovely photos of you and to have a bit of fun.

Get in touch with me today to talk about your engagement shoot or a package for both your Wedding and Pre-Wedding shoot.

Beth Anne


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