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It was at round about this time last year that I first came across the word "Dudeoir" and I quite literally fell in love with the concept. I have always enjoyed photographing Boudoir shoots so the idea of mixing it up and using men in feminine poses, really got my creative juices flowing.

Initially it was just an idea that was casually thrown out there, a "Dudeoir" calendar to raise money for charity? I'm not sure whether I ever expected it to come to fruition, but it turned out to be one of the absolute highlights of my photography career so far. The models were all volunteers; (some needed a little more persuading than others) some I knew well, others I had barely ever spoken to, but they were all absolute stars! I cannot take all of the credit for how brilliant the photos turned out to be because they all tried so hard to help me create what I had envisioned. The amount of times I had to say "can you just arch your back and throw your head back!"

I will forever be grateful to them all. Not just because I had an absolute blast shooting them, not just because they helped to raise over £2000 for my son's charity but because getting to see my work published and on people's walls is a feeling I find quite difficult to describe.

So much so that I'm ready to start shooting the whole thing all over for 2018's calendar. Boys, drop me a line ;-)

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